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Mega Plus 720W LED Grow Light

The most powerful LED grow Light of HortiBloom made from High Quality 6063 Aluminum bar and customized designed for better airflow, each light bar weight for over 1 kg and delivery the best passsive cool system to prolong your LED Chipset (with less than 3% luminance decline rate over 5,000 hours) maximize the lifespan of LED diodes and Fixture. With Optical cover the protect the LED from water and dust from long time working in damp space so the LED inside will always stay clean, it is also very easy to clean the cover by just wash the light. Presenting to you the top LED configuration of the lastest 2304pcs SAMSUNG LM301H White and 144pcs 660nm Osram leds which is comparable to other grow light brand. Besides we use our unique spectrum to maximum growers yields. Light also support the use controller to control big scale grow lighting.


The Best Configuration on market

2304 Samsung LM301H & 144pcs 660nm Osram Horticulture leds

Highest 2.8 μmol/J efficacy

1820 μmol/s PPF

Coverage: Total Coverage 5x5 feet / 150x150 cm | Core Coverage 4x4 feet / 120x120 cm

Equivalent to 1000W HPS/HID/MH for energy saving

High Efficacy LED Grow Light with Optimum Spectrum

Best PAR output with best PPFD to beat any other lights at the same power draw

IP 65 for long term working in damp location
Inventroincs Drivers for longer lifespan and better MTBF
No fans no noise
1 KG Heat Sink Reduces Heat by over 50% vs Others
Custom Designed Heatsink for optimal Air Flow
Environmentally friendly (No Mercury)
10 Feet Power Cord in 110v US and 220v adaptor included
Global Free Shipping
2 years warranty


Full Power Draw: 650w
PPF: 1820 μmol/s
Efficiency: 2.8 μmol/J
Input Voltage: AC 100-270V

Product Dimensions

42.8 Inches L x 42.8 Inches W x 1.6 Inches H/108 cm x 108 cm x 40 cm
Weight: 34lbs / 15.5kg

Package Includes:

1 x MEGA PLUS 720 LED Grow Light
1 x Invontronics 600 Ballast
2 x Junction hardware
2 x Bracket to install Ballast
1 x 10ft power cord with international plugs
1 x 240V plus adaptor
2 x hanging kits
2 x /8 Inches Heavy Duty Adjustable Grow Light Rope Hanger 
1 x Installation instruction


Extremely bright, do not look directly at the LED bars when the light is on.
Surrounding temperature: MUST be less than 50℃.
Turn off power before assembling and installation.
Can be controlled by Timer.


Horticulture LED Grow Lighting
Artificial LED Grow Lighting
Greenhouse LED Grow Lighting
Hydroponics LED Grow Lighting
Medical plants LED Grow Lighting
Indoor LED Grow Lighting


Hortibloom customize options
Hortibloom Mega Plus + App Control option
Hortibloom Mega Plus
LM301B 3000k +660nm + UV + IR
LM301B 3500k +660nm + UV + IR
LM301H 3000k +660nm + UV + IR
LM301H 3500k +660nm + UV + IR



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