Vtronic Silent 6 INCH


Vtronic Super Silent Exhaust Inline Fan 150mm (W150S-01) ขนาด 6 นิ้ว (6 Inch)

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Vtronic Super Silent Exhaust Inline Fan 150mm (W150S-01) ขนาด 6 นิ้ว (6 Inch) พัดลมระบายอากาศสำหรับภายในภายนอก ครัว เต้นท์ปลูก ฯ ลฯ จัดส่งไวจากกทม. 


Super Silent: 22dB excellent performance thanks to the double insulated wall and filled with sound absorber foam & hundreds small holes
50,000+ Hours Life: Efficient AC brushless motor built with Japan NMB ball bearings power mixed-flow impellers
Easy to Install: Mounting bracket & buckle designed with rubber gasket ensure air tight and vibration-free connection
Frame Resistance PP Material:High impact corrosion resistant & flameproof polypropylene casing for heavy duty applications
What You Get: 1* 6 Inch silent duct fan, 4*screws, 4*plastic wedges, 1*instruction manual and 3 Years warranty

Product description
VTRONIC W150S-01 6 Inch Silent Inline Duct Fan


- Diameter: 6 inch

- Power Supply: 220-240 VAC / 50Hz

- Power: 46/51 W

- Current (Amps): 0.20/0.28

- Speed Level: Low/High

- Speed: 2050/2600 (RPM)

- Air Volume: 440/550 m³/h

- Air Pressure: 260/340 Pa

- Noise: 28/30 dB

- Life: Over 50,000 Hours

- Weight: 4.0 KG

- Protection Class: IP44


Durable V0 flame-resistant 100% PP plastic casing.
External rotor motor with Japan NMB bearing, 100% cooper wire.
Unique buckle design,easy disassembly,tight seal,easy to install and maintain.
Environment friendly material,corrosion resistant polycarbonate for heavy duty applications.
Fan base is designed according to the structure and safety requirements of the fan,simple and easy to install.

Applicable Scene

Can be designed with user friendly features such as time delay, temperature sense, humidity sensor or others.
Operating temperature range: -20℃~60℃.
Perfect for hydroponic,greenhouse,warehouse, basement,kitchen,bathroom, apartments, office, public place, hotel, hospital, gym and etc.

Packing List & Warranty

1* 6Inch silent inline duct fan
4*plastic wedge
1*instruction manual
6 months warranty

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