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Mars Hydro FC 4800

High PPF: 2.9 umol/J
Up to 2.5 g/W
DLC & ETL listed
Samsung LM301B & Osram 660nm LEDs
50% higher PPFD compared to HID lamps
Balanced, full-spectrum light output
50% lower power consumption compared to HID lamps
6 passively-cooled bars provide broad-coverage for full-cycle growth
Reliably sourced components including Inventronics drivers
3-year Manufacturer's warranty
IP65 waterproof

Best-Selling Samsung LM301B LEDs- 2070 x Samsung LM301B and Osram 660nm LED chips. These chips are higher quality and more efficient than other LEDs.
Upgraded Full Spectrum White- The spectrum is beneficial for plants at all stages - from veg to bloom.
Large Yield & Increased Crop Quality- Expect up to a 50% higher yield and higher quality compared with the old blurple lights and/or HPS lights. Turn an average yield up to 2.5 g/W.
Daisy Chain Dimming Functionality- The new model has a dimmer knob added which makes dimming more convenient. Up to 15 lights can be daisy-chained and controlled through just one light.
No-Fan Design, Aluminum Heatsink, and Removable Driver- The no-fan design means no noise or moving parts to worry about. Optimal heat dissipation while using a thick, sturdy aluminum heatsink. It also has a removable driver, which allows you to upgrade in the future, and a 2 meter ( ~6 ft) power cord.
IP65 Waterproof- IP65 waterproof rating makes for a worry-free grow in high-humidity environments.
Flexible 180 degree movement- Slim design that is foldable up to 180 degrees, making it small, compact, and easy to install.

Wattage draw: 480W @ 120V | 465W @ 240V | 463W @ 277V
Amps: 3.96A @ 120V | 1.96A @ 240V | 1.71A @ 277V
HID equivalent: 900 watts HID
LEDs: 2070 pieces Samsung LM301B and Osram 660nm LED chips
Spectrum: 2800-3000K, 4800-5000K, 660-665nm Deep Red
Lumens: 87515 Lm
Lifespan: 50,000 hours
Driver: Dismountable Meanwell and inventronics driver
PPF: 2.9 umol/j
PAR: 1648 umol
Coverage area: Flower: 4 x 4 feet | Veg: Up to 5 x 5 feet
Dimmable: Yes
Daisy Chain: Yes
Hanging Height: 6-18" above canopy
Avg Yield: 2.5g/W
Thermal management: Aluminum
Dimensions: 32.6" x 32.2" x 3.9"
Operating/input voltage: 100-277V
Product weight: 19.4 lbs (8.8 kg)
Rating: IP 65 waterproof
Recommended for: 4x4 feet grow spaces | Grow tents | Grow rooms | Primary or supplemental lighting
Soil, hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems
Manufacturer's Warranty: 3 years


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