Monster 3D


Glow in the Dark #3-12.5 Inch

หมวดหมู่ : Glass Bong(บ้องแก้ว)


GLOW IN THE DARK Monster 3D 12.5 Inches Tall 7mm Thick #3 

Glass Bong made from Borosilicate Glass with the high standard and quality. Optimized design 

Product analysis 

  • Weight 1772 grams
  • Height 12.5 Inch
  • Base Diameter 13.5 cm
  • Male bowl size 14 mm
  • Female connector size 18 mm.
  • Comes with 1814 Adaptor (14.5 cm. length)
  • With Ice Notch, No Carb hole
  • Made from high quality Borosilicate Glass


Every glass product is made from high quality Borosilicate Glass. All of our product has been sanitized and quality check for safety standards.



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