Ms. Flowers®


Globe Water Pipe 8 Inch

หมวดหมู่ : Glass Bong(บ้องแก้ว)


Ms. Flowers® Globe Water Pipe is 8 Inch

tall and has an incredible silhouette. This dual-chamber recycler has a fixed, multi-hole perc that cycles air through the water, cooling the hit as it fills the chamber. This piece comes in a variety of colors and all variations come with a FREE 14mm male bowl. For the best hits, cover the perc in the bottom chamber with water.

✔︎ Internal Recycler rig
✔︎ Fixed multi-hole perc
✔︎ Reinforced 14mm female joint
✔︎ Mid-sized, dual water chamber 
✔︎ Maria neck with flared lip
✔︎ Flared base
✔︎ FREE 14mm Bowl
✔︎ Approximate Rig Height: 8 Inches Tall


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