Ms. Flowers®


Simple Rig 6.5 Inch

หมวดหมู่ : Glass Bong(บ้องแก้ว)


The Ms. Flowers® Simple Rig is 6.5" tall and made from high quality borosilicate tubing. This rig features a fixed "flower of life" perc to help diffuse the water and ensure that each and every hit is cooled to perfection. Its base is reinforced for increased stability and strength. While the neck features a slight bend to prevent splashing when taking pulls. 

Every purchase supports charities that empower women.

✔︎ Mid-sized, cylindrical water chamber
✔︎ Fixed multi-hole perc
✔︎ Reinforced 14mm female joint
✔︎ Reinforced, flared base
✔︎ Maria neck with flared lip
✔︎ Flared base
✔︎ FREE 14mm Bowl
✔︎ Approximate Rig Height: 6.5 Inches Tall
✔︎ Incredibly Portable


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