Ms. Flowers®


technicolor recycler 8 Inch

หมวดหมู่ : Glass Bong(บ้องแก้ว)


The Ms. Flowers® Technicolor Recycler is 10" tall and made from craft pastel purple tubing. The fixed multi hole perc and conical recycling section provides excellent diffusion, while the angled narrow neck and flared mouthpiece help to provide splash-free hits while smoking. The Technicolor Recycler comes with a matching 14mm bowl and a wide base for added stability while not in use. For the smoothest pull and maximum filtration, fill with 1" of water. 

Every purchase supports charities that empower women.

✔︎ Internal Recycler rig
✔︎ Fixed multi-hole perc
✔︎ Reinforced 14mm female joint
✔︎ Mid-sized, conical water chamber 
✔︎ Maria neck with flared lip
✔︎ Flared base
✔︎ FREE 14mm Bowl
✔︎ Approximate Rig Height: 10 Inches Tall
✔︎ Base Diameter: 3.5 inches


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