Ms. Flowers® Mini


Pyramid Bubbler 5.5 Inch

หมวดหมู่ : Glass Bong(บ้องแก้ว)


Ms. Flowers® Mini Pyramid Bubbler 5.5 Inch

The Ms. Flowers® Pyramid Bubbler is 5.5" tall and made from quality borosilicate glass. It features a new twist on a classic inverted cone silhouette with a multi chamber recycling function. The Pyramid Bubbler is a portable handheld size and comes with a matching 14mm bowl for you to start using your cycler right away. For the smoothest pull and maximum filtration, fill with 1" of water. 

Every purchase supports charities that empower women.

✔︎ Mini Cone Cycler
✔︎ Fixed multi-hole downstem
✔︎ Reinforced 14mm female joint
✔︎ small, conical water chamber 
✔︎ Precision glass work 
✔︎ Square Base for extra stability
✔︎ FREE 14mm Bowl
✔︎ Approximate Rig Height: 5.5 Inches Tall


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