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The DynaVap “M” is our most popular battery-free dry herb vaporizer. Having no electronic parts and a stainless steel construction, this portable vaporizer gives you the freedom to use your device practically anywhere and anytime. The "M" provides a range of experiences from microdosing to complete extraction. Virtually any heat source can be used, but for optimum flavor, we recommend a butane torch or an Induction Heater.


Designed to be used with dry herb or concentrates (DynaCoil adaptor sold separately), the “M” herbal vaporizer is more dynamic than smoking due to the thermal extraction of your material. You will stretch your stash, your flavor, and your wallet. This product provides a distinct vaping experience that retains the sought after smoking rituals.


The latest iteration of DynaVap's flagship "M" dry herb vaporizer. The "M" Plus™ introduces the first finless tip for quick heat up times, and a more pronounced airport for easier airflow control. The "M" Plus™ is made of medical grade stainless steel and includes the signature, temperature-indicating Captive Cap.



First finless tip with heat indication markers- experience the power of the new tip design that provides faster heat up
Tip is 15% larger by volume compared to previous "M" model
Capable of near complete extractions in a single heat cycle
Made entirely in the USA from medical grade stainless steel
Square airport - provides easier identification for total airflow control
Adjust-a-bowl feature allows you to adjust the size of the chamber to your needs
“Pivot” style Rocker for seamless manual airflow control
Enhanced grip with a robust tactile, textured finish
Dosing chamber which can function as a built-in grinder
Tapered mouthpiece fits snugly in 10mm female water piece openings
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