4 in 1 90g Tube BHO


Extractor for Open Blast


Black anti-static layer BHO 90g four-in-one type Closed Column Extractor Or Open Blast Extractors


Key Features and Description:

• This product is a four-in-one type

• 45 Gram Capacity Perfect For Small Run

• Comes with 1 yr Limited warranty, excludes gaskets and screens

• This system allows the user to build up solvent pressure by closing the valve, pulling a vacuum and filling the extractor, Extractor will fill about 85% with solvent before the internal pressure will equal the pressure of the can propellant.

• The solvent can will fit into either port with a tip adapter supplied with some butane cans.

• Solvent Soak is expected to be between 30-90 min, but this all depends on material, starting with frozen cans of solvent is recommended.

• Extra Viton Sanitary Gasket w/ Stainless Screen (150 Micron)

• Larger Platinum Laboratory-Grade Silicone Mat

• The gaskets are designed for oil processing. Temperature range (-20… + 200) or C

• 1.5 "x 12" (38mm x 300mm) glass tube type. Volume 392 ml Tubes contain 90g (3.2oz) of dry material (approximately)

• Vacuum clamps at all interfaces make for a high pressure, easy clean unit.

• Operating Temperature Range: -30-200F


Kit Automatically Includes:

  1. 1x1.5" Solid Endcap with 3mm Hole
  2. 1x1.5" Tri-Clamp Quadpod
  3. 2xStandard Pressure Clamp
  4. 2 x 1/4" high pressureball valve, FNPT, SS304. 2x1.5 "1/4" FNPT End Caps
  5. 2x MNPT X MJIC 3 x tip adapter 1x304 Stainless Steel Material Tube( the black outer layer is an anti-static layer
  6. 1x1.5" Ferrule
  7. 1x1.5 "tri-clamp display gasket Viton 100 Mesh (150 Micron) Gasket
  8. 1 x Viton tri-clamp 1.5 ”gasket
  9. 1x Petro-Tape (PTFE Pipe Tape).
  10. 12.2" x 7.8" (310mm x200mm)Platinum Cured Silicone Non-Stick Pad


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